Beloyarsk NPP named after I.Kurchatov is the first child of the large-scale nuclear power engineering of the USSR.

The plant has three reactors: two slow-neutron reactors and one fast-neutron reactor.

The 1st unit with AMB-100 reactor was shut down in 1981, the 2nd with AMB-200 – in 1989.

Beloyarsk NPP 3rd unit
Type of reactor BN-600
Capacity, MW 600
Date of launch 08.04.80
Electricity production, mln KWh 3,835.4
For own needs, % 7.55
Length of service, effective days 266
Capacity factor, % 72.99

Presently, the plant has one fast-breeder reactor with an electric capacity of 600 MW. It was launched in 1980 and is the first industrial fast-breeder reactor in the world.

The experience of 3rd unit of Beloyarsk NPP is a good basis for the further development of fast-breeder reactors. The unit is a prototype of bigger units with BN-800 reactors.

A comfortable modern city has been built for the constructors and employees of Beloyarsk NPP on the shore of a lake amidst picturesque pine woods. The city has a college that trains nuclear power engineers.

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