Novovoronezh NPP: WANO international experts have noted significant progress in the Plant’s operation in a number of areas

On 30 November, 2018, a Follow-Up Peer Review of the WANO Moscow Centre* has been completed at Novovoronezh NPP (NV NPP).

The international team of experts included seven people from four countries: Hungary, Ukraine, China, Russia.

A Follow-Up Peer Review is carried out two years after receiving a report on the initial Review results. The first Peer Review took place at Novovoronezh NPP in December 2016, and touched on power units No 4 and No 5. That Review discovered 14 areas for improvement. In 2018, the WANO team assessed the results of the NPP personnel’s work.

“I was the head of the Peer Review in 2016. Therefore, I can compare the state of Novovoronezh NPP at that time and now. The Plant shows some significant progress”, the Head of the Peer Review Teams of the WANO MC Ishtvan Radnoti (Hungary) noted at the final meeting.

For four days, the team of international experts checked areas involving human factors, chemical ingredients, operation, fire protection, etc. The Review’s conclusion states that Novovoronezh specialists had achieved significant improvement in four areas, where all corrective actions had been executed. They had also achieved success in the remaining ten, but there are some actions to be fully completed.

“The results of the Follow-Up Peer Review are positive. The work continues in the right direction. We are pleased with this assessment. The next step is to get the report. So far we have its draft, and we’ll receive the final version in January and based on that we will develop measures to improve the activities of Novovoronezh NPP”, the Deputy Chief Engineer for Operation of NV NPP Sergey Vitkovskiy said.

The next check by the WANO MC team of international experts will take place in a week and will be aimed at studying the readiness of the power unit No 2 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 (power unit No 7 of Novovoronezh NPP) for the physical start-up.

*WANO is a world association of nuclear operators, that is, organizations that operate NPPs. To date, all operators around the world are members of the WANO; in total, this includes about 450 power units. Support Missions and Peer Reviews are the forms of the WANO experts’ cooperation with nuclear power plants. 

Novovoronezh NPP is a branch of Rosenergoatom JSC (a part of the largest Division of Rosatom State Corporation – Electric Power Division). The Plant is situated on the River Don bank 42 km South of Voronezh. This is the first NPP of Russia with VVER type reactors (Water-Water Power Reactors of containment type with water under pressure). Three reactors of the Plant are the main ones – the prototypes of the serial power reactors. The first power unit was commissioned in 1964, the second one - in 1969, the third one – in 1971, the fourth one – in 1972, and the fifth one – in 1980.

The power units No 1 and No 2 were shut down in 1984 and 1990, respectively. The power unit No 3 was shut down in 2016 for the decommissioning events. The power unit No 4 was shut down for modernization works. The power unit No 1 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 was commissioned on 27 February, 2017. The power unit No 2 is in the stage of commissioning works.

The latest information about radiation situation near Russian NPPS and other nuclear power facilities can be seen at www.russianatom.ru

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