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6 November 2014 
TheLeningrad NP: increase in electricity production for 10 months in 2014 amounted to 36.7%
The Leningrad NPP (branch of the JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom", Leningrad region) in January-October 2014 has developed 20,076 billion kW hours of electricity, that has amounted to 103.5% of the planned target for this period and 136.7% of the corresponding figure for the same period in 2013 year (14 billion 682 million kW • h).

6 November 2014 
The Smolensk NPP: plan for October executed by 102.9%
The Smolensk NPP has three power units in work. The total capacity is 3160 MW. There are no comments to the work of the equipment.

6 November 2014 
The Kolskaya NPP developed 869,7 million KWh in October
Total production for the year has amounted to 8 308,6 million KWh of electricity, which is on 94.1 million KWh more than the production in the same period last year.

6 November 2014 
The Balakovo NPP: plan made at 120.1 percent in October 2014
Scheduled task was fulfilled at 120.1% by the Balakovo NPP in October 2014. Last month, the station generated 2646 733.932 thousand. KW • h of electricity under the plan of 2 203 million kW • h of electricity.

6 November 2014 
The Kalininskaya NPP exceeded the planned target for electricity generation by 4.9 percent in October
In October the Kalininskaya NPP produced 2.901 billion KWh (104.9%). In grid it was allotted 2.755 billion KWh (105.7%). The capacity factor (load factor) was 97.51% (92.98% at the plan).

6 November 2014 
The Rostov NPP exceeded the plan for October on electricity production by 14 percent
The Rostov NPP fulfilled the plan for October on electricity generation by 114%. With the planned volume at 1.312 billion kWh it was actually generated over 1.496 billion kWh. electricity.

6 November 2014 
The Novovoronezh NPP in October produced more than 1.02 billion. KWh
In October 2014 the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant produced 1020,9 million KWh. In grid it was allotted 948,2 million KWh.

5 November 2014 
Power unit ?2 of the Rostov NPP plugged in
On November 4, 2014 at 14:00 the Rostov NPP power unit ?2 was included into the network, power set is being conducted.

5 November 2014 
The power units ?1,2 of the Rostov NPP prepared for inclusion in the network
As of 10:30 November 4 the power ?2 of the Rostov NPP operates at 35% thermal capacity and is being prepared for inclusion into the network, the necessary operations for preparing to set the power are being conducted at the power unit ?1.

5 November 2014 
The Beloyarsk NPP: the BN-600 launched at nominal power
The power unit ?3 with the reactor BN-600 was injected into the nominal power level. From October 16 the power unit suspended its work because of the planned activities: refueling, inspection and maintenance of equipment.

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