22.02.2011  Public Information Centre of Rostov NPP

Volgodonsk youth has received training in the Political Success School

The Information Centre of Rostov NPP organized training for the youth within the framework of the education project called the Political Success School. Volunteers of youth councils of Volgodonsk residential districts met representatives of city and regional authorities to take part in the training and debates. 

The motto of the event organized by the nuclear power plant was “From something in mind to something in kind! From idea to implementation!”

During the first day of the School work representatives of the city youth met deputies of the city Duma and Volgodonsk administration to discuss the urgent problems of the younger generation. At the end of the first day there was training on understanding of human behavior.

On the second day the participants met a deputy of Rostov region legislative assembly, discussed the topic “Can we give the youth up for lost?” and learned to work in a team.

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