The Rostov NPP exceeded the plan for nine months

The Rostov NPP has fulfilled the plan of September to electricity generation by111.3%. With the planned volume of 1 billion 280 million kWh actually it was produced 1 billion 424 million 600 thousand.KW. of electricity.

Also exceeded its electricity production plan for the first 9 months of this year: the planned target of 10 billion 320 million has been increased by 9.3%, and the actual production has totaled 11 billion 284 million 700 thousand KW. h of electricity. Increase in electricity, generated above-plan from the beginning of 2014, has amounted to 964 million 700 thousand kWh.

The capacity factor (load factor) in September 2014 was 98.93% with 88.89% plan. Load factor for the 9 months of this year has been 86.12%, which is higher than the planned target - 78.75%.

In 2014 the Federal Tariff Service approved for the Rostov nuclear power plant electricity production plan in the amount of 14 billion 520 million KW hours of electricity.

The radiation background at the nuclear power plant and the surrounding area stayt unchanged and at a level that corresponds to the normal operation of power and does not exceed the natural background values.

The Rostovskaya nuclear power plant is a branch of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom". The nuclear station is located on the bank of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir in 13,5 km from Volgodonsk. At nuclear station two power units with VVER-1000 reactors with an installed capacity of 1000 MWt are operated. The power unit No. 1 is put into commercial operation in 2001, the power unit No. 2 – in December, 2010.

Current information about a radiation situation near the nuclear power plant in Russia and other objects of the nuclear industry is provided on a site www.russianatom.ru.

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