The Kolskaya NPP summed up the work in September

In September 2014, the Kolskaya NPP produced 780.9 million KWh of electricity. In total output for the year has been 7 438,9 million KWh of electricity, that exceeds the plan by 38.9 mln. KWh and on 273.4 million KWh more than the output in the same period last year. Since the commissioning of the NPP more than 376.9 billion KWh has been generated.

There are power units ??1, 3 and 4 operating at the moment. The power unit ?2 is in preventative maintenance. Load of the nuclear power plant is 1133 MW in accordance with operations schedule. The radiation situation around an arrangement of the Kolskaya nuclear power plant and in a 30-kilometer zone of supervision doesn't differ from a natural natural background.

The Kolskaya nuclear power plant is a branch of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom". The station is located in 200 km to the South from Murmansk on the shore of the Lake Imandra. It develops about 60% of the electric power of Murmansk region. There are 4 power units in operation with reactors of type VVER 440 MW each. The Kolskaya nuclear power plant is the supplier of the electric power for Murmansk region and Karelia.

Current information about a radiation situation near the nuclear power plant in Russia and other objects of the nuclear industry is provided on a site www.russianatom.ru.

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