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11 October 2014 
Increasing power of the Kalininskaya NPP power unit ?1 gives additional 960 megawatts of electricity
"Increasing the capacity of the reactor facility to 104% in just one power unit of the KNPP will further 960 megawatts every day," - said the director of the Kalininskaya NPP Mikhail Kanyshev during the public hearings, that were held in the form of "round table" on October 17 at the Public Information Center of the Kalininskaya NPP in Udomlya Tver region.

11 October 2014 
The Novovoronezh NPP received the Victory Banner.
The official symbol of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany was officially handed over to the nuclear industry of the city council of war and labor veterans. An exact copy of the relics was made on the initiative of the NovNPP for the 70th anniversary of the victory for the education of patriotism and union labor in the city collectives.

10 October 2014 
The Novovoronezh NPP: the power ?5 displayed at full capacity after a short repair
On October 10, 2014 at 4 h 25 min the power unit ?5 was displayed at full capacity after a short stop.

10 October 2014 
The Leningrad NPP win in providing electricity for Petersburg and Leningrad region for 9 months in 2014 has been 52.8%
The Leningrad NPP win to the preliminary data has been 44.94% in the regional volume of electricity in January-September 2014; share in the real volume of supplies to consumers - 52.79%.

9 October 2014 
Training of staff - one of the conditions of the NPP safety
The Balakovo nuclear power plant experience was shared in three important areas of training Russian nuclear power staff - the use of automated control and training systems, the organization of the simulator training and implementation of staff wrong actions prevention.

7 October 2014 
The Leningrad NPP-2: the power unit ?1 dome IC concreted by more than half
At the construction site of the Leningrad NPP-2 swing work on the construction of building structures of the reactor building ?1 is in full: on October 7 specialists of the "Metrostroy" completed concreting of the inner containment dome (IC) from mark of 55.30 to reach 57.30. Thus, building the equator in the concreting of the dome has successfully passed.

5 October 2014 
The Novovoronezh NPP: the power unit ?5 briefly stopped
On October 5, 2014 at 10:55 the power unit ?5 was stopped to fix the problem in the thermal mechanical equipment of one of the two turbine generators.

3 October 2014 
The Rostov NPP exceeded the plan for nine months
The Rostov NPP has fulfilled the plan of September to electricity generation by111.3%. With the planned volume of 1 billion 280 million kWh actually it was produced 1 billion 424 million 600 thousand.KW. of electricity.

3 October 2014 
The Kolskaya NPP: turbine generator connected to the grid
On October 3 at 14:08 the Kolskaya NPP turbogenerator ?8 has been restarted. As of October 3, 2014 there are power units 1,3,4 in work. The power unit ?2 is in scheduled maintenance. Load of the station is 1133 MW under operations schedule as of 14:00 o’clock.

2 October 2014 
The Kolskaya NPP: turbine generator is disconnected from the network
On October 2 at 09:58 the Kolskaya NPP turbogenerator ?8 was disconnected from the network due to the action of the automatic formation by a false signal.

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