Completed projects:

1. Engineering and consulting services
2. Bushehr NPP operation technical support and repairs
3. Services for the power unit upgrade
4. Performance improvement
5. Bushehr NPP personnel training
6. Development of educational and methodical documentation for Bushehr NPP

Current projects:

1. Completion of commissioning works and reporting documents presentation to Bushehr NPP
2. Development of educational and methodical documentation and personnel training
3. Development, coordination and issue of operational documentation
4. Technical support and repairs at Bushehr NPP
5. Preparation and ensuring autonomous adjustment and tests of APCS, and also services for APCS maintenance at the stages of commissioning, physical start-up, low power testing and pilot operation of the power unit No. 1 of Bushehr NPP, supply of full-scale simulator
6. Rendering engineering services and technical assistance in the field of power unit №1 of the Bushehr NPP operation